YoungCapital International

YoungCapital International is the international recruitment team of YoungCapital. What do we do? We help boost peoples careers and provide them with the opportunity to work abroad! Everyday we are recruiting new employees for around twenty different companies in countries such as Portugal, Greece and England.


What do we offer?

In addition to offering you dozens of vacancies abroad, we provide assistance throughout the entire process involved in finding an international job. Whether this be providing information on each vacancy or advising you on which position would suits you the best - we are here to help you to make the best decision! Whatever job option you choose, we then bring you into contact with our international clients where you can find out more about your potential new job. Normally, our international clients offer a one-year contract with a market-based salary along with providing help with relocation, growth opportunities and many other generous benefits! Working abroad allows you the opportunity to work in positions such as customer service, sales or recruitment. But, of course, there are many more options, so take a look at our offers and we hope to hear from you soon!